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SPAstandard is quickly becoming the industry leader in school data analysis.

Designed by teachers for teachers it allows you to easily view your students’ performance and keep track of your school’s data to ensure differentiating the curriculum is simplified.

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What is SPAstandard?

SPA stands for Student Performance Analyser.
SPA is a secure web-based software tool designed and built for schools to analyse, display, store and communicate your assessment data.

How does SPAstandard work?

It produces a number of sortable reports that allow you to interpret and monitor the progress of individual students, groups of students and whole school cohorts quickly and easily.

Along with other features, SPA instantly calculates how much “value added learning” is occurring, your students’ growth against the Australian Curriculum and colour-coded indications about where your students are performing against the curriculum.

Being online software, your staff can view and add data, on any computer that is connected to the internet. There are no computer licence limits! All your staff can be on at any one time.

By simply uploading your raw data, the SPA software instantly analyses and displays your data allowing your staff to easily identify current student performance, long term school trends and how much “value added learning” is occurring in your school. Staff can also effortlessly identify student misconceptions and/or gaps in knowledge or curriculum delivery. By saving you analysis time, your staff can use your data to focus on differentiating the curriculum to best meet the needs of your students.

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SPAstandard, the best in its class.

SPA is a powerful analysing tool. The programming that occurs within our software is highly complex but the interface and reports it produces are simple to use and easily understood.

The software stores all your data, year after year, allowing your staff to build a profile history of every child in your school. The software also automatically assigns students to new classes and grades so staff can sort results from their specific grade groupings.

No other software package on the market provides the ability to statistically see how much value your teachers are adding to your students’ learning. Nor do they provide such sophisticated, easily understood analysis of your data. SPA has been written by experienced leading educators including Philip Holmes-Smith, one of Australia’s leading statisticians.

Since its inception in 2007, SPA is now used by over 1500 Government, Catholic and Independent schools around Australia and overseas. It has been developed by educators for educators. We are constantly listening to our clients’ needs and adding features accordingly. We also provided tech support all year round, to ensure your school gets the most out of SPA.

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