Jillian Holmes-Smith

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About Jillian

Jillian is an experienced educational researcher, program evaluator and project manager who has been involved in the field since 1989. She has been a Director of SREAMS since 1999. Jillian initially trained as a secondary teacher completing a Bachelor of Education (Art and Craft) degree at The University of Melbourne in 1977. Between 1978 and 1998 she has taught Visual Communication and Design, Art and Materials/Technology in Victorian government and private secondary schools. During this time Jillian also helped found the Graphic Communication Teachers Association (GCTA) becoming the editor of the association’s journal and, later, its president.

In 1988 she worked as a projects manager with the Commission for the Future facilitating curriculum initiatives amongst teachers across Australia before commencing a Master of Art Education degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, which she completed between 1988 and 1990. While there she undertook numerous courses in qualitative research methods, program evaluation and art education. She also worked as a Teaching Associate at the University of Illinois’s Krannert Art Museum while undertaking her studies.

As a Director and principal consultant with SREAMS, Jillian has been the lead researcher on a number of on-going projects including studies of the use of learning technologies in schools, the study of first year graduate experiences in school and the study of teacher workloads. Jillian is also the principal project manager of all projects undertaken by SREAMS.

Jillian has completed a number of courses in qualitative research methods, program evaluation and statistical analysis through the Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research Inc. (ACSPRI) programs.

Jillian has also taken on the role of accounts manager for SPA. You can contact Jill at sales@sreams.com.au, should you require support with your SPA account.

Jillian has also worked as a lecturer in Art with the Faculty of Education at The University of Melbourne (1991-93) before taking up the position as Head of Graphic Communication and Design at Taylor’s College at the beginning of 1993 where she taught senior Graphic Communication and wrote & taught Monash University’s Foundation Program. After her return from the USA in 1991, Jillian rejoined the executive of the Graphic Communication Teachers Association and, as its representative on various Board of Studies working parties, played a major role in the development of the Visual Communication and Design VCE study design and the Curriculum and Standards Framework for The Arts.

Jillian remained at Taylor’s College until the end of 1998 before becoming a Director of SREAMS at the beginning of 1999. She brings to the consultancy a vast knowledge about educational programs in schools and statewide curriculum development initiatives that is backed by a strong academic background in educational research, qualitative research methods, program evaluation and project management.