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The SPAplatform

Analytics, Tracking & Marking are all rolled into one easy to use and powerful software package.

Founded by teacher Philip Holmes-Smith, SREAMS has been changing the way schools record and evaluate their data for over 10 years.

In 2007 SREAMS released The Student Performance Analyser (now called SPAstandard), a revolutionary piece of software that took school data evaluation into the 21st century.

Now with the release of the SPAplatform we aim to evolve the way schools and teachers operate forever.

Request A Demo

If you would like to book a demonstration please email support@sreams.com.au and we will get back to you ASAP to arrange a time. We are more than happy to show you over the software and what it can do for you and your school.

Item Name
Standardised Testing Analysis

Designed by teachers for teachers it allows you to easily view your students’ performance and keep track of your school’s data to ensure differentiating the curriculum is simplified.

Item Name
A Teacher Markbook

SPAmarkbook assists individual teachers to keep a record of every class assessment that they set.

Item Name
A Student and Cohort Tracking Module

The SPAtracker module provides teachers with an “on-balance” assessment of where any one student is performing at any one point in time and an “on-balance” assessment of how much growth a student has made between any two points in time.

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